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Winnipeg Video Repair Services

VCR, DVD and Blu-Ray Players are the ultimate source of entertainment. Homeowners are allowed to bring the excitement of the big screens into their living rooms. These devices are also used by human resources and organizations for safety and training video requirements. We, at Fields Television, we repair and service DVD, Blu-Ray players and even old VCR’S that you treasure to revive your memories by playing old tapes.

Areas of Specialization

When it’s broken or damaged, Don’t throw it. Get it Repaired.

VCR, DVD players and Blu-ray players are excellent sources allow you to enjoy your favorite blockbuster movie and musical hits in your home comfort. But, in case any of these devices fail to work, don’t throw out these electronics. Fields Television provides a comprehensive range of excellent repair services Winnipeg helping you restore them. Our highly qualified and skilled technicians offer services on all the major brands of electronics.

VCR Repairs

VCR repair is one of the areas of expertise offered by Fields Television. Our technicians can troubleshoot minor to major issues related to your VCR. They will resolve: loading and unloading issues, audio challenges, issues with the play button and other control unit issues.

We will also provide you with the reliable information about how to maintain your video player and minimize the repair costs.

Some Common Questions We Face Often:

  • I insert the VCR tape into the unit but nothing happens?
  • The VCR tape gets stuck inside and eject button stop working?
  • The LCD screen displays some error message?
  • There was sound but no picture?
  • There was a picture but no sound?
  • My unit stops playing in between the movie?

DVD Player Repair Solutions

Fields Television offers DVD player repair service for homeowners and businesses in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. Our electronic specialists can undertake small to expensive DVD player repairs efficiently. The various issues associated with DVD players including connection problems, video and audio challenges, control unit issues and other critical repairs are handled with expertise. We endeavor to meet our client’s needs.

Some Common DVD Players Faults We Can Fix Efficiently:

  • When I insert a DVD, nothing happens?
  • DVD gets stuck inside and the eject button stops working?
  • My DVD player displays some error message?
  • There is sound but no picture?
  • There is picture but no sound?

Blu-Ray Player Repair Services

Blu-ray is the format of the future. Our technicians at Fields Television, provides top notch Blu-Ray player repair services Winnipeg within the industry. Our staff has undergone vigorous training to be capable of fixing all major electronic brands. They offer troubleshooting tests and repairs as per our client’s requirements. Precision and accuracy are the two factors that are considered while repairing the Blu-Ray player. We provide high quality repair services at a highly competitive price.

We, Fields Television, are here for you. Our experience and professional technical knowledge allows us to provide the right solution for all your video player repair needs.

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