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Winnipeg's Trusted Plasma TV Repair Services

Around 10 years ago, the first kind of flat-panel TVs’ revolutionized the TV industry and those were Plasma TVs’. These television sets have a large plasma screen. They are much thinner than any conventional set and can be easily mounted on a wall. They render high picture quality and the most preferred choice among homeowners.

At Fields Television, we repair every brand and model of Plasma TV. Call us today at (204) 237-4118.

Plasma Television Parts

  • Power Supply
  • Main Audio Video Board
  • Y-Sustain Board
  • Upper SDR or Y Driver Board
  • Lower SDR or Y Driver Board
  • Z or X Sustain Board
  • Logic Board
  • Speakers

Plasma TV Brands

  • All Makes and Models
  • Toshiba
  • Insignia
  • RCA
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Philips
  • Sanyo
  • Sharp
  • Westinghouse
  • Vizio

Common Plasma TV Problems and Our Solutions


  • Problem –Pixelation is the most common plasma TV issue in which squarish spots on the TV are experienced.
  • Solution – When you’ll call our technicians, our technicians would suggest you to check the inputs for any damage. You can also be asked to change the screen resolution to prevent pixelation issues. If nothing works, we will repair or replace the defective capacitors.

Sunburst Pattern on Display

  • Problem – It is another kind of plasma TV issue in which you may see a ring or a burst of color on the display screen. Such problem arises when you press the screen too hard and it’s no longer completely flat.
  • Solutions – Sunburst issues can be solved by fixing the issues in the TV’s T-Con board.


  • Problem – Image burn-in or image retention issue is common in plasma TV. You experience a static image that is faintly visible even though you are watching something else.
  • Solution – Our TV repair specialists Winnipeg implement latest tools and techniques such as JscreenFix to eliminate image retention issue.

Phosphor Trails, Rainbow Effect and Posterization

  • Problem – Phosphor trails are seen in black and white or fast-moving scenes. This issue arises due to the spontaneous changes from light to dark occurring in certain areas of the display screen.
    Rainbow Effect, as the name implies you may see rainbow effects on the screen.
    Posterization, if you see small bright light points over the display screen, its posterization leading to such interruption.
  • Solution – The common reason for all these above three problems can be some kind of fault in the TV’s power supply or electronic circuit.

Fields Television is your one stop shop for every make and model of television repair across Winnipeg. Our technicians hold extensive experience and are competent of repairing plasma screens in a flash.

Struggling with your plasma television? Call us now at (204) 237-4118 or fax us at (204) 233-7282.