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LED Repair Service Winnipeg

LED TVs are one of those innovations that allows consumers to have complete entertainment at lower energy consumption rates. They play a vital role in cutting down the cost of your utility bills. Fields Television provides professional and affordable LED repair services for almost every leading brand such as Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Hitachi and more. Our team of highly skilled technicians strives to offer quality services to meet your electronic repair needs. We are competent in handling every kind of LED TV repair issue.

Whether 32” or 65 inch LED TV repair, we handle them all.

We are the most popular choice for LED repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.



Are you Struggling with your LED TV?

At, ‘Fields Television’ LED TV repair is our forte. There are various challenges that you might bear with your LED TV that include: resolution or pixel issues, display challenges, backlight adjustments and more. We also offer services for enhancing the sound quality and image display of the LED TV. Our technicians will analyze the existing components precisely to check for any damage or broken circuit. We will make sure that all the internal and external components are working perfectly.

Do you need help for LED TV installation and setting?

It’s not that we only offer LED TV repair services, we also help our clients in setting up their LED TV systems. We will get your system customized according to your preferences at a reasonable price.

Did you damage any LED component?

We, at Fields Television, adroitly undertake the system components challenges. We will ensure that the components of your LED TV are maintained and work properly. Our quality repair service, professionalism, affordable prices set us apart from other players of the local Winnipeg electronic repair industry.

Some Common LED Issues

  • Flash-lighting and clouding on LED TVs is a black uniformity issue. When the backlight doesn’t get diffused across the entire screen, the uniformity of backlight becomes defensive. You’ll experience clouds on dark scenes of the LED screen known as clouding. Flash-lighting is when you see a flickering flashlight towards the edges of the screen.
  • Crushed blacks occur when the display colors are selected beyond the technical ability of the system. This issue is generally found in the edges of LED TV’s of major brands.
  • Our technicians can mend the issues like banding where you experience vertical lines on the LED display screen. Generally, it is a manufacturer defect.
  • Blooming is a LED TV challenge where you see a white object on the black screen but the while on the object seems trailing into the black. Our technicians help in maintaining the color contrast.
  • Screen lag is the situation when the screen display lags and the backlight causes flickering of the display.

We, at Fields Television, make sure that every minor to major LED TV issues are addressed precisely. Our experts can repair or replace the internal components of your LED TV making it new again. We are one of the most trusted name when it comes to LED TV repair in Winnipeg.

Call our technicians to avail LED TV repair technicians in Winnipeg.