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Buying A Used TV

A TV is a major investment of every home, whether you’re purchasing new or used. A good TV will definitely have a significant positive impact on your family’s quality of life. On the contrary, a poor purchase, can lead to various problems for you and your budget. If you’re considering LED or LCD TV replacement or buying a new television, here are four things you need to consider ensuring that you’re making a good decision.

Sound and Picture Quality

A TV purchase is highly affected by the quality of entertainment the buyer will get from the TV. And it must be your first point of consideration. The size of the screen is as important as the clarity of the picture. Never compromise on features like contrast, resolution, video motion, HD compatibility, color and video quality. In a world of multimedia entertainment, you cannot overlook the importance of sound quality. Make sure the audio meets your requirements as well.

Reason for Sale

When you are buying a used thing, it’s important to know why it’s for sale in the first place, and a TV is certainly no exception. If the previous owner just wants to get rid of bulky electronics and appliances, that’s no problem. Likewise, you don’t need to worry, if the previous owner just wants a larger TV. In case, the owner is selling the TV because of some electronic issue, then make sure you get it inspected by a television repair Winnipeg professional. If the professional confirms that the TV is in a proper working order, then consider buying it.

If you have any concerns regarding your current LED or LCD TV set or looking for professional television repair service in Winnipeg, contact us at Fields Television. We will be more than happy to help you.

Price and Budget

The cheapest TV isn’t always the best deal. However, it’s definitely important to consider whether the price is justified. Consider the number of years the TV’s been in use, the features and model when assessing the price. Of course, an electronic repair Winnipeg technician can help you understand whether the price is justified. Once you are satisfied with the price, you need to determine whether it fits your budget. Sometimes, it’s good to spend a little more and get a good quality TV.


Apart from determining whether the TV is a good fit for your budget, you’ll also need to consider whether it is compatible with the accessories you already have. Is it compatible with your DVD players, external speakers or video game consoles? You would probably waste your time and money if the TV doesn’t work with those accessories.

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