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 How to Protect Your LCD TV or Plasma TV From Damage

Buying a new LCD TV or Plasma TV is a long term and expensive investment. It will give you thousands of hours of entertainment, if you keep it with proper safety. By learning some simple maintenance tips, you can keep your new LCD TV safe and also protect from any kind of damage. It does not matter which type of TV you have, whether you have an LCD TV or Plasma TV, protect it from a damage is the best way to enjoy your favorite movies and other programs without calling the TV repair service in Winnipeg.

A television has a full face of glass that can be broken very easily and ruined with a little scratch. Here are some tips that protect your new television from scratches and other damages. In order to increase the longevity and protect your television, keep the given tips in your mind.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals to clean the screen: Did you know most of the television screens are covered with the layer of plastic? Yes, nowadays every Plasma and LCD TV comes with a screen that has a layer of plastic. If you use cleaner with severe chemicals to clean the screen, it will get scratched or may damage the surface. You can use a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol to clean the screen.
  2. Cover the screen: Having sticky fingerprints on your new television may be a minor issue for you, some substances can cause permanent damage. It is good that you clean the screen on a regular basis, but install a clear sheet on it will help to protect your television from dirt, and debris. Look for covers that are specially designed for different size and models.
  3. Lift and move with care: Your television requires more care when you thinking about to move into your new house or just want to relocate the position of your TV. It can shatter in many ways, whether you are dropping it by mistake or a heavy object falling on it. You can ask for assistance to lift and move your electronic device.
  4. Protect it from sunlight: Direct sunlight on a TV can cause color distortion. To protect your television screen from color distortion and to prevent the light damage, keep out of your LCD TV from direct sunlight. You can use blackout curtains in your room. But it does not mean that you cannot keep the curtains away at all. You just need to keep your television away from the direct sunlight.
  5. Call a professional: If you have a poor picture quality problem, it is best to hire a television repair professional from a reputable company. You can concern with Fields Television Limited in Winnipeg.

These are some effective tips to protect your television from damage. You need to keep them in your mind to increase the lifespan of your LCD TV or Plasma TV. If you have any question or query, you can ask of our professionals at Fields Television Limited in Winnipeg.

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