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Microwave Repair Services Winnipeg

Microwaves are considered as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Nowadays, they are found almost in every home worldwide. Homeowners have a high degree of dependence on them that even a small snag can disrupt their daily routine. We, at Fields Television, provide quality appliance repair service in a timely and honest manner. Our skilled technicians can resolve your microwave issues in less time.We pride ourselves on providing reliable microwave repair services in Winnipeg.

Our technicians use the latest techniques and products to offer top-notch microwave repair and maintenance service at competitive prices every time. Our adroit technicians can repair almost any make and model of microwave.

We repair:

  • Over-the-Range Microwave
  • Countertop Microwave
  • Solo or Grill Microwave Ovens
  • Convection Microwave Ovens
  • Compact, Mid-size & Full-size Microwaves

Common Microwave Oven Issues :

  • Microwave isn’t working – If you have plugged in the microwave correctly and the door is properly closed, the fuse can be the reason of a non-working microwave. The fuse is more likely to blow when the electrical current passes too strong or you slammed the microwave door. If fuse replacement doesn’t work for you, the fault may lie in the door switch.
  • Sparks inside the microwave – Sparks or arcing in the microwave may be the outcome of foil or utensils in the microwave, a shorted high voltage diode or a defective stirrer belt may cause the heat to restrict to one area rather than be distributed.
  • Turntable not rotating – If the turntable isn’t rotating, re-align the carousel on the turning mechanism. Otherwise, the turntable drive bushing may split or the tray motor get defective.
  • Microwave isn’t heating – If your microwave isn’t heating, it could be the outcome of a defective magnetron, capacitor or diode.

Why Choose Fields Television?

  • Our adroit technicians keenly analyze the things for effective diagnosis. They will analyze your microwave meticulously and address the faulty parts to maintain its optimum condition.
  • Our professionals are courteous and cooperative. They will provide you microwave maintenance tips and will also provide an accurate estimate of the repair or replacement service.
  • We offer affordable and professional microwave repair services. Our technicians undertake repairs of control panels, circuit boards and even the Magnetron also known as the heart of the microwave.
  • Our certified technicians are committed to providing cutting-edge repair services in Winnipeg. We are competent of handling any kind of technical issue that is hampering the smooth functioning of the microwave.

For Microwave Repair Services, Call Our Professionals in Winnipeg.