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LED/LCD TVs provide the brightest and beautiful pictures. It is a high cost investment that no one wants to replace it in a few years. So, it’s important to understand how to maintain TV to save thousands of dollars on spending for a new television. There are several tips and tricks given by certified TV repair technicians in Winnipeg that help to increase the longevity of your smart TV.

Mentioned below some essential tips that allow you to take care of your smart televisions to live for many years.

Humidity and Temperature: The place where there is high temperature, televisions should not be used. If you do so, their life span will be reduced. So never keep the TV at very low temperatures and high humidity. Because they can spoil the circuits and damage the sensitive electronic components inside the unit. So make sure to put the television where there should not be too many fluctuations of humidity and temperature.

Power connection: TV should be connected to a socket having competent power supply. If there is a lot of power fluctuations and power failure, then connect your TV to a stabilizer that won’t harm the product.

Dust: A dusty environment has a chance to induce a short circuit. That can cause non-recoverable damage to the screen of TV. So always keep the television in a dust-free and clean surroundings.

Sharp objects: The screen is made up of delicate material. Do not poke it with sharp objects. Because it can create a permanent problem with the proper operation of the device.

Contrast settings: Screen at 100% will burn through faster contrast rather than lower. So, it is important to adjust your TV’s Contrast Settings.

Safely clean your TV: Plasma, LCD, and LED TV’s are delicate to static electricity. So, it’s crucial to use only anti-static cleansers and cloths. Make sure not to soak your TV at the time of cleaning.

Prevent burn-in: If you left the TV screen on the same image for a long period of time, then burn-in occurs. So, don’t use your television as a “screen saver”. Try to avoid watching shows with static images like news tickers.

Use a surge protector: You may know that TV consumes a large amount of electricity. So, for both safety and maintenance’s sake, invest a few bucks in a surge protector that can prevent fire hazards and damage.

Use TV in moderation: If you are not watching TV, then never leave it on. Because excess use can cause burn-in and overheating.

Hopefully, this post assists some of your problems out there. So, heading these suggestions will help to increase the longevity of your Plasma, LED, LCD and home theater television sets.

We, at fields television, provide repair services on TV technologies and how to maintain it. If you have any query, feel free to call us. We also provide the in-home inspection and diagnostic of TV and other electronic repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

We have qualified technicians that will ensure the best services and results when it comes to TV Repair or electronic repairs.

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