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Computer Monitor Repair Services in Winnipeg

Fields Television provides professionally trained technicians to deliver reliable and effective computer monitor repair services in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. Our round the clock services are tailored to your situation. Apart from repairing the computer monitors, our adroit experts can also repair LED and LCD monitors at reasonable price. Our PC monitor repairman will ensure to resolve the issue quickly.

Our technicians will first undertake an efficient diagnosis, that is required to determine the root cause of the problem. Once the issue is assessed, the best possible repair service is performed to get your electronic device to its original working condition. Our technicians also offer preventive methods to extend the lifespan of your electronic device.

Call us today at (204) 237-4118 or fax us at (204) 233-7282.

Common Issues With Computer Monitor that We Fix

  • The icon, font or screen is either too big or too small.
  • There is black screen or no display on the monitor screen.
  • The screen has vertical or horizontal lines.
  • The icons, font or screen is blurry or having color problems.
  • Brightness or color contrast issues, the screen is appearing too bright or too dim or there is distorted image.

Common Issues With LED and LCD Monitors that We Fix

  • LCD or LED displays distorted picture.
  • There is black screen or no display while the speakers are producing sound.
  • The issues with the color contrast and brightness, the color combination is either too bright or too dull.
  • There is vertical or horizontal lines appearing across the screen.
  • The image on the screen is appearing blurry or cloudy.

Why Count on Us?

  • Our trained technicians will rectify the issues with the monitor and then execute reliable repair solution.
  • They are competent of handling monitor issues including blurry image, distorted picture, contrast and brightness issues and more.
  • Safety, quality and professionalism are the three hallmarks that our team strictly adhere.
  • We provide our effective computer, LCD and LED monitor repair services in Winnipeg and its surroundings.
  • Our prestigious clients can call or our technicians to schedule their electronic device repair service.
  • Fields Television is the leader of electronic device repair industry serving excellence to its clients for many years.

Choose Fields Television for Monitor Repair

We, at Fields Television, strive to provide top notch electronic repair services in Winnipeg and it’s surrounding areas. Whether its an issue with the color contrast or you experience a blurry image, our adroit technicians can handle just about every problem with PC desktop monitors.

Call our technicians now to avail computer, LED or LCD monitor repair services in Winnipeg.