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How Can I Identify & Fix A Speaker Problem?

Speakers are one of the common audio appliances that are found in almost every household. They are a source of entertainment and can be ideally attached with a cathode ray television, LED TV, laptop, smartphone or a desktop to penetrate a louder sound.

Audio speakers are always at a higher risk of faults and repairs due to their improper or regular usage. Either its fuse gets blown over and over again or its wiring becomes faulty. Whatever be the reason, an expert audio repair technician can detect and fix the problem professionally.

Some reasons behind speaker failure are:

  1. Even a single loose wire can compel your expensive audio speaker to stop playing sound at all. If this happens, check each and every component to ensure that it is properly connected or not. In case, you find a loose wire, disassemble the enclosure and adjust it. Check the electrical fuse. If it’s blown, replace with a new one.
  2. Most commonly, a speaker is composed of drivers that are responsible for transmitting the sound signals. If no sound is coming from any of the drivers in one speaker, there might be an issue with the wiring. To fix the problem, check the fuse and test the speaker over the network wiring. If it fails to emit sound, test it on another cable.
  3. In case, no sound is coming from one of the drivers, test it. Since the issue may be with the voice coil, press the cone with a finger. If the coil doesn’t resonate at all, get the driver replace by a speaker repair expert.
  4. If you feel like the sound is distorted or mushy, flex the cable using your hand. Make sure that the speaker is at a low volume during flexing. Replace the cable, in case the sound is varying. Check the polarity of the speakers by carefully pressing the speaker cone in and out with your fingers.

These are some of the common speaker repair issues and the ways to fix them. If your audio system is low-cost and the replaceable component is expensive, consider buying a new speaker. Fields Television is an electronic appliance repair company that repairs televisions, video systems, audio speakers, microwaves etc. Call our professionals for speaker repair in Winnipeg.

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