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6 Common Microwave Problems

Microwave is one of the most required kitchen appliance these days. Like any other home appliance a microwave can fail or break over the time. According to electronic repair Winnipeg technicians, homeowners should know the most common problems associated with the microwave so that they can implement accurate solution to resolve the issue. Here are some common problems you might experience with your microwave along with their possible solutions:

Microwave does not heat

Microwave stops heating is a common problem. The most common reason behind this is magnetron failure. A magnetron utilizes the high voltage that helps the microwave to cook food. Sometimes, when we accidentally turn on the microwave when it is empty, it damages the magnetron. A burned or damaged magnetron should be replaced as soon as possible. Some other reasons behind this issue include capacitor burn, faulty diodes and transformer failure.

Microwave runs and then stops

Such things happen when there is some fault in the door switch, transformer, touch pad or the fan motor. You should call in an electronic repair service in Winnipeg to identify and fix the issues.

Microwave buttons do not work

When the microwave buttons fail to work, it means there is something wrong with the touch-pad or the control panel. Another possible reason can be defective main control board.

Microwave plate does not spin

The rotating motor present below the plate in a microwave is responsible for the spinning of the plate. So, there are chances that the motor is worn out or burned. Call a professional to replace the motor. However, if the motor is fine, then it might be the issue with the main control board. If there’s nothing wrong with the control board, then check the touch pad or control panel for the problem.

Microwave light-bulb does not turn on during operation

Inside the microwave, behind the grill there is a small bulb which lights when the microwave is in operation. If the bulb doesn’t work, then there must be a faulty socked or wiring. If the bulb, socked and wiring are fine, then chances are that the control board is not sending enough voltage to bulb socket.

Sparking inside microwave

Sparking inside microwave is quite common and it does not mean that there is some serious issue with it. You just need to switch off your microwave and check for any damaged rack, worn out paint, or damaged wave guide.

If you are looking for a professional microwave repair service in Winnipeg, then look no further than Fields Television. Our technicians will repair all the faulty parts of your microwave in a timely and professional manner.

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