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5 Precautions To Be Adopted While Using A Microwave Oven

In today’s era, a microwave is one of the popular kitchen appliances as it is continually being used by the homeowners for cooking and baking process. It heats the food items in a small fraction of time without any extra efforts. Apart from its beneficial side, it can also explode the things if not properly used. One must know that a Microwave can’t handle everything as some of the home items can make it violent. It is a joyful experience but needs a great care. The practice of placing wrong foods, containers or mugs can cause a big fire in a home.

There is need of adopting some precautions while using a microwave oven which can eliminate major microwave dangers:

  1. Say No To Metals
  2. While using a microwave, it is necessary to avoid using metal containers and utensils as it can cause a fire inside the microwave. For the user, it is also necessary to remove the aluminum foil from the food item before placing in the box.

  3. Never Place Flammable Food
  4. If you have food item that is more likely to catch fire, then never cook them in a microwave as they usually catch fires. Even, your beverages can cause fire.

  5. Away From Heating Sources
  6. In a kitchen, you must place your microwave away from the heating sources like your heating appliance or gas stove. This can result in overheating of the microwave which can cause injuries to the human body.

  7. Uncover The Vent
  8. When you are using your microwave, keep its vent uncovered at the top. It is strictly advised not to cover any part of the microwave with a metal foil. This can be extremely risky

  9. Allow Utensils To Stand A While
  10. Once the food gets cooked, allow the utensils and dish to stand in microwave for some time. You must take them out when the temperature comes down. This will protect the user from the risk of injury or major body burns.

It is necessary to go for regular microwave maintenance services to keep the functionality of your microwave high. Whatever the issue is going with your microwave, you can hire one of our skilled technician at Fields Television.

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