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5 Major Reasons Your Computer Monitor Needs A Repair

It’s very frustrating when you are working on a PC and your monitor screen gets blank suddenly. It’s really difficult to find out what computer problem you have and how to fix it especially when you have less technical knowledge. Rather than being disappointed, one can find out a way to hire a professional technician who can easily fix all the problems related to your computer screen.

Here are a few problems that can arise in your computer monitor either you have a type of CRT monitor or a LCD:

  1. PC Monitor Gives You Blank Display
  2. The most common problem that arises with your computer screen is having a blank display and not even an error message is on the screen. In order to tackle this problem, you must make sure your monitor is connected with the power button and also check the cable connectivity. If still, you don’t find the solution, then leave the repair for the professional hands.

  3. Black & Single-Colored Lines On Screen
  4. A formation of vertical lines on the computer screen may be another issue that can arise in your computer screen. Behind this, the problem may be behind the power cables or with the drivers. You can check your monitor on another computer desktop or hire a technician for repair.

  5. Cracks Or Spots On Display
  6. If your monitor has a visible crack or a large discolored area, then it means your LCD panel is damaged. This problem can be resolved by replacing the LCD panel with the help of technical support.

  7. Monitor Giving Improper Resolution
  8. It is just another issue when your monitor screen is showing you wrong resolution on a desktop. This shows that the problem may be with the graphics or with other software components.

  9. Monitor Screen Is Flickering
  10. Flickering monitor is a common problem in a screen which can also further results into health problem like eye problems, headache etc. This usually happens due to bad video cable running which needs an instant replacement.

There are a number of possibilities your monitor screen experiencing a serious hardware related issues. It’s your responsibility to hire a skilled technician for a quality repair on time.

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