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5 Components Of Home Theater You Never Thought About

Home theaters are convenient sources of enjoyment that are usually installed in homes. Setting up a brand new home theater involves use of a lot of equipments. Since they are quite costly, get them installed only by TV repair professionals. They consist of many components like speakers, seating, Blu Ray players, consoles, amps and projector. Though these parts are easily visible, there are several other things whose existence is not known to all.

Some things about home theaters that you might not be aware of are:

  1. Cable
  2. Cables are the essential components, without which this audio-video appliance can’t perform. They can extremely effect the performance of a home theater. No matter, how much branded or high quality equipment you own, connecting it with a poor quality cable can degrade the sound and video effects. To achieve good results, use a cable that meets safety standards and regulations.

  3. Speaker Cable
  4. Other than common power cables, a home theater also consists of a speaker cable that performs the job of transferring sound frequencies. Make sure to purchase a quality cable that is specially designed to match your model. From 16 AWG to 14 AWG, there are number of cables available. To choose the best one, know about the frequency your application supports.

  5. HDMI Cable
  6. HDMI cables are used, if your system need long length cables. A 100 ft HDMI cable consists of built in repeaters that ensure no loss of signal over long distances. Choose the style and length of HDMI cable depending on your needs and requirement.

  7. Banana Plugs
  8. Traditional speakers worked by connecting the wires with a clumsy socket that slows down the connections. This approach was not only time consuming, but also annoying and unreliable. To simplify the speaker installation process, banana plugs are used. They offer a much better connection that prevent the hassles of connecting wires and sockets.

  9. Wall Blade
  10. Since there are so many wires that are needed for home theater installation, there are great chances of wiring mess and clutter. An easy solution to prevent this installation mess is wall blade. It is a component that acts as in-wall extension cable and offers power supply to your projector. It allows hiding the power cable in the wall, thereby reducing visible clutter.

These are the few components of a home theater that are lesser know to homeowners. If you looking for a reliable TV repair company in Winnipeg, our technicians at Fields Television are here to assist you.

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