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4 Common Amplifier Problems Explained By Experts

Having a party tonight? Ooops! Your amplifier has stopped working suddenly! Most of the people have gone through such a situation, either for their home or car.

Amplifiers are a great way to adjust the volume to your comfort level and meet the requirements of different occasions. However, one should realize that amplifiers are just like any other mechanical device and stop functioning due to one reason or the other.

One should not get upset over its fault but try to fix the issue themselves or take professional help, if needed. So, check out the following possibilities for your amplifier failure and see where did it went wrong.

4 Common Reasons For An Amplifier To Stop Working

  1. The Amplifier Doesn’t Power On At All
  2. For the amplifier to turn on in the first place, it is important that it gets the right power needed to get turned on. Check for the power wire at both the ends, one at the amplifier end and the other at the socket end.

    If any of these ends are not properly attached, it will pass no current. Moreover, if the voltage is too low, it will not have enough power to turn the amplifier on!

  3. The ‘Protect Mode’ Light Turns On
  4. Your amplifier has a protect line which turns on if there is already any damage done in its internal parts like speaker, sub-woofer, cable or any other component. This light is kind f a signal to prevent any kind of further damage.

    So, if you find your protect light to be on, it is recommended to take professional help as you may not have any idea as to which internal part has got damaged.

  5. No Sound is Coming From The Speakers
  6. If you hear no sound from the amplifiers, then you definitely have problems either with the speakers or the cables which connect your speakers and the amplifier. For this, try to unplug the RCA cables from each unit and reconnect them.

    Make sure the volume is turned on at both the ends and still if you can’t hear anything, then there is some definite fault in the audio jack of either of the two units.

  7. You Hear a Lot Of Distortion From The Speakers
  8. A bad or underpowered amplifier can result in a lot of distorted sounds from the speakers. Improper wiring, bad grounds, ground loops are several other factors that leads to sound distortion. Try to see if the patch cables and speaker wires are working fine.

    Also, try to separate the cables of head unit and amplifier as they have the tendency to pick up interface and lead to a distorted sound. If still you cannot hear the sound clearly, it is best to call out a professional to quickly fix the issue.

Need Some Professional Help?
If your amplifier is not working up to the mark or failed completely and you have tried everything at your end, its time to call Fields Television in Winnipeg. Our professionals resolve such issues on daily basis and know how to fix such issues in the minimum possible time.

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