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3 Significant Ways to Extend the Life of Your Microwave

Microwave oven is one of the most useful appliance of a kitchen that even saves your time. Using the microwave, simply, set time and leave your delicious items to cook. Moreover, it has made easy to recook the food within a couple of seconds. Due to easy to use quality and efficiency, the microwave is a great source in the commercial sector.

But, the optimal use of microwave also depends on the user how well he/she maintain it. However, it does not require much maintenance, still, if you neglect it’s care, you will have to face problems. So, here are some tips that can help you in keeping your microwave as it is for long lasting.

    Where Is Place Your Microwave

  • Wherever you place your microwave, it should have enough distance from the walls.
  • Place your microwave nearby the electrical socket, because long hanging wire may disturb your routine work.
  • Don’t keep your microwave nearby the gas oven or kitchen sink.
  • How To Clean Microwave

  • For regular cleaning, you can switch off the microwave and use a piece of cotton cloth to clean it.
  • For weekly cleaning, use the mixture of lemon and vinegar to clean the microwave. This mixture prevents your appliance to smell bad.
  • Microwave Friendly Dishware

  • Don’t use the wooden utensils, pan with adhesive designs, dishes with metallic paint or trim, paper bags and foam insulated containers.
  • You can use the utensils that come with the marking of microwave use like glass and ceramic dishes, etc.

In case, you are unable to keep your microwave safe and need repair, then call Fields Television Ltd. We offer full service for electronics appliances in Winnipeg.

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